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  • Discussion Guidelines

    There aren't many new "rules" for participating in an online discussion.  The basic principle is to remember that you ARE communicating with people, even if you can't see them face to face.  You need to remember to be accountable for your words and actions in cyberspace, just as you would be in person.  If you have questions, here's a helpful website that discusses "Netiquette" by Virginia Shea.
    Another important site you might want to check out  is Harold Rheingold's Virtual Community, which discusses how communities and relationships are forged online. 

  • Evaluating Participation

    Since this is a discussion class, students are expected to participate in both classroom discussions and online sessions.  Each Monday afternoon, I will post a new discussion question that has emerged out of our assigned readings, and students will be expected to respond to these questions by the next class period.  I encourage you to also post questions or issues for discussion. 

    Participation in online discussions should be thoughtful, meaningful, and productive. Comments such as, "I really liked this article" or "I thought the author missed the point" are not useful unless they are explained.  Your comments reflect  you and the depth of your thinking, and your responses should be coherent, articulate, and well reasoned.  This is not to say that posts cannot be lighthearted or humorous: but be certain that the humor is not offensive to anyone.  
    Participation will be evaluated in terms of both quantity and quality.  By the end of the semester, the following points will be assigned:
    15 or more quality posts:  30 points
    11-14 quality posts:           25 points
    7-10 quality posts:             20 points
    4-6 quality posts:               10 points
    Less than 4 quality posts:   0 points

  • Link to Comm 401 Class Discussion Forum -  DISCUS   

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