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Population: According to the All Australian website, 18,338,000 people (roughly 0.3% of the world's population) live in Australia

Breakdown of Population: 94% European

                                       4.5% Asian

                                       1.5% Aboriginal

Country Capital: Canberra (derived from the Aborginal word Kamberra  meaning “meeting place.)
Australian Flag- The Aussie Info website states that the Australian flag represents the history of the country, as well as its present. 

Union Jack (the British flag) - represents the past link with England 

Seven Pointed Star- represents the six states and the territories

The Southern Cross - the small stars represent the Southern Cross- a group of stars that can be see in the Australian night sky.

Climate: The climate in Australia is the opposite of that in the Northern Hemisphere. Summer in Australia starts in December and Winter starts in June.

Over 90% of Australia is dry, flat and arid. The north has tropical weather and the Southeast parts are temperate (Trishan's Oz Website)

Economy: Capitalist (based on agriculture and minerals).

Major Exports: meat (largest exporter), wool (30% of worlds' supply), wheat (9th largest exporter), machinery, aluminum (largest producer) , coal, gold, iron, industrial diamonds (largest producer) 

Major Imports: computers and office equipment, aircraft, transport equipment, crude oil, and petroleum products.

Major Trading Partners: Japan, USA, ASEAN, European Union, New Zealand, Korea (All-Australian website).


Job Type: 80% of Australian workers work in a service sector

            14% of Australian workers work in manufacturing

            5% of Australian workers are rural

Average Yearly Earning: $27,675

Females in Workforce: 42%  (All-Australian website)

The Outback: The outback is the sparsely populated interior of Australia. The Australian Outback is both harsh and breathtakingly beautiful (Trishan's Oz website)
*For more Australian facts, click here: http://members.dingoblue.net.au/~teeji/quick_facts_main.htm


  • More than 20% of Australian were born overseas.
  • Over 40% of the people in Australia or their parents were born overseas.
  • Australia is the world’s sixth largest country
  • Over 85% of the Australian population live in cities along the coast.
  • The Great Barrier Reef extends for over 2000 kms. along the northeastern coast.
  • Australian currency notes are made of a special plastic. They are each of a different color and size. They also have a special "see-thru" window to make then hard to counterfeit.
  • Until Europeans came to Australia, there were no hoofed animals like horses, cattle, goats, or deer in Austraila. *Click here to learn more about animals unique to Australia: http://www.ozramp.net.au/~senani/animaust.htm

*These facts came from Trishan's Oz website and the Aussie Info website.


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