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Australia is up to standards with other industrialized countries in terms of living and working conditions and life expectancy ("Australia").  Cancer, cardiovascular disease, and road accidents are the leading causes of death for most Australians ("Australia").  The life expectancy of an Australian has increased by fifty percent over the last one hundred years.  The life expectancy for a male is 73 years of age and 80 years of age for a female ("Australia").

Australia's Healthcare Program is ran by the local governments of the states and territories.  The federal government does, however, provide and overall structure that is to be maintained ("Australia").  The federal government maintains control over the local governments through financial agreements  with the states and territories, grants or benefits given to organizations, and  the regulation of health insurance plans ("Australia").  Like many other countries, Australia does have a Medicare program.  The Medicare program covers basic surgery and any care provided by a public hospital ("Australia").  Federal and state taxes, placed  on people's income, help to fund the Medicare program.  The cost of prescriptions and other required medication is government subsidized, however, most individuals end up paying for each prescription ("Australia").

Australia's public and private hospitals are known for providing good and quality care.  Much of Australia's medical research is highly regarded world-wide ("Australia").  However, even with provisions in place, many of the remote communities, especially Aboriginal communities, still live in a third-world atmosphere.  Diseases such as trachoma, leprosy, tuberculosis, diabetes, and various intestinal diseases still exist within these communities ("Australia").  Today's government has made a valid attempt to curve the problems that face the remote communities with such things as provisions ("Australia").  However, provisions or not, there is still a long ways to go.       

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