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Who are the Aboriginals?

The Aboriginals are the natives of Australia.  Their land and their nation was invaded in 1788 by the white man.  Soon, the Aboriginals were a minority on a land that was once entirely populated by only them.  “Before the white man arrived, the Aborigines had a beautifully elaborated culture, one that fitted the people to the land rather than the land to the people and was preeminently gratifying to human emotions’ (Forbis, 1972, p. 67). 

The Aboriginals are a population of dark-skinned people in Australia.  The Aboriginals were the first inhabitants of what today is known as Australia.  Aboriginals prefer to be called "Koori."  The name "Aboriginal" was given to these natives by European settlers (http://www.ozramp.net.au/~senani/aborigin.htm).    


There is a popular belief that the Aboriginals originally migrated from New Guinea during the Ice Age, somewhere between 10,000 and 25,000 years ago. Studies have revealed that many Aboriginals came from Tasmania, and also the Mediterranean.  Today there are many who believe that the Aboriginal population is not a pure race, but rather a mixed race, consisting of many people of many different origins (Crawford, 1952, p. 21). 

Ways of Life: 

Before Europeans arrived in Australia there were  approximately 300,000 Aboriginals settled on the land.  At this time, Aborigines lived in tribes.  There are approximately 250 tribes.  Each tribe had its own way life-its own customs, values, rituals, and its own territory (http://www.ozramp.net.au/~senani/aborigin.htm).  

No matter which tribes they were in, all Aboriginals were nomadic.  They greatly depended on what nature had to offer (http://www.ozramp.net.au/~senani/aborigin.htm). “As food gatherers and hunters, they [were] highly skilled and ingenious” (Crawford, 1952, p. 24). As part of their daily lives was ritual that recognized the importance of reproduction of the animals and plants, both on which they depended for survival.


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