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Australia's language reflects many of the Australian peoples’ values. For one thing, Aussies seem to take things at their own pace and are more relaxed. According to an article from, “Asian and Australian values: How different are they?,” They have this sort-of “happy-go-lucky” attitude. The Australian attitude is generally more relaxed. Joseph, an Australian student doing Psychology at Monash says, "we’re a bit more relaxed about almost everything” (

These relaxed attitudes are shown in the slang, metaphors, and phrases commonly used by Australians. Early in the history of the Australian language, people were coming up with ways to say “silly” and many of the other words and phrases represent the relaxed value as well.

In regards to language in general, the Australian Way of Life website states the following things about values in Australia:

• All Australians can, within carefully defined limits, express and share their individual heritage, including their language and religion.

• Australia values equality of treatment and opportunity, and seeks the removal of barriers based on race, ethnicity, culture, religion, language, gender or place of birth.

 “These principles apply to all Australians, whether Aboriginal, Anglo-Celtic or from non-English speaking backgrounds, native-born or naturalized. Australia seeks commitment from all its people to their country's interests and future, to the structures and principles of its society, and to the rights of others to express their views and values (


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